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Difference between Web Hosting and Website Builder

Want a website for your business? You must have researched enough to know about your web hosting needs and site builders that are essential to put your online business on internet.

But are you aware of the differences between web hosting and website builder?  And what will work well for your business? Below, we’ll help you decide better:

Website Hosting
Hiring a web hosting company means renting a space within a server that stores all online content -such as blogs, websites, and online stores and information of your website. You can assume web hosting as online folder that includes all data of your online business. They contain not only administrative information of website but also act a versatile platform that helps people start building their site. As long as you pay web hosting subscription fees, your website will be available online.

Website Builders
Website builders come into play when you think of putting it all together. In case you lack the technical knowledge of do-it-yourself to create the web design for you. You can opt for the easy option of choosing a site builder for you. They are perfect for a person who needs to launch a website in a short time and has no experience of web design. With intuitive systems, you can even create web pages; add content like text, photos, maps and videos using pre-designed easy-to-use templates.

Clearly website builders only help you with making websites. To get it hosted on server, you need web hosting services. But don’t worry. Now there are many site builders that offer web hosting plans in their packages. So that user doesn’t have to run after each and everything. These site builders make whole process of creating website and making it online so easy. They are so simple designed and managing sites with sites builders is nothing less a site made from scratch.

Look and understand the various options of website builders available in the market and investigate which would work better for your business. One such option is iPage website builder which comes free with any hosting subscription.


Web hosting platforms acts as blank canvas where you can create website the way you want it to be. However, website builders are more like a tool designed to develop your online venture in no time and where creation can be much more limited.

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