The Best Free Domains Name Generator Tools One Must Try

Finding the perfect domain name is now possible with these free domains name generator tools! Read and discover more!

There is no doubt that the older generations, experienced entrepreneurs, and businesses before us have bought the best domains names you can think of. Some of these domains are in use, some of these domains are parked, and some are stockpiled by flippers. As every other person out there you probably keep on brainstorming and trying to find the best ideas for your new domain name and you hope you won’t get the message “Sorry, the domain name is already taken”.

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What if we told you that finding the perfect domain name is possible. Yes thanks to the domain name generators, the process of finding a suitable domain name is easier and quicker. In order to get a good domain name, that will last for 30 years or more, the name mass pass this quality test:

  • Easy to remember
  • Easy to type
  • Popular English terms (or maybe other languages you blog in)
  • Good for branding
  • Include keywords you promote

Regardless of the domain name generator you are looking for, be a short domain name generator, a random domain name generator, catchy domain name generator or you are just looking for something that is unique and simple, we are here to present you some of the best and free domains name generator tools one must try:

– NameStall – This tool will offer you a few different options to help you find a proper domain name. In order to use this tool, you need to enter the keyword you want to research on, choose whether you want it placed at the end or beginning of the domain name, disable or enable hyphens, and choose the group of words you want to be included in the domain name.

– I Want My Name – If you already have a keyword in mind, then this tool is highly recommend for you to try. It is super easy to use – enter the name you want in the search field and the tool will inform you whether or not the name you want is available. If it not available, the tool will offer you alternative options that are similar to your keyword.


Good for branding
  • Domain Typer – This tool is suitable for anyone who has come up with a great domain name, however, it is still in search of the domain name extension. This tool is known as the most responsive domain research tool and provides you with information in regards to the domain you typed in.
  • Cool Name Ideas – This tool is one of the best tools for a proper domain name research and it is the perfect solution, even if you don’t have any ideas about the domain name you want for your website or blog. This tool with provides you with 3 cool categories – product name generator, blog name generator, and business name generator.
  • Bustaname – One of the greatest things about this tool is that it operates in a specific way. It allows you to add keywords in the search box and use the filter options to help you generate a great and memorable domain name. Choose the domain name extension you want, choose whether you want a two or three-word combination, and whether or not you want hyphens included. That’s it! You will receive a list of potential names you can use.

By combining these domains name generator tools will help you carry out a successful domain name research and you will be able to find a great, memorable, simple, and catchy domain name!

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